Masking Tape, Sand Paper Pack and Mini Paint Roller Set

Masking Tape, Sand Paper Pack and Mini Paint Roller Set

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    A roll of masking tape and the sand paper pack.

    NOTE:  If you purchase this pack with any paint, choose the reduced collection price even if you want it posted.

    Masking tape:

    • Dimensions (length x width): 25mm x 50m
    • Multi-surface easy tear masking tape
    • Low tac easy peel tape ideal for protecting delicate surfaces when painting or decorating
    • Leaves sharp lines and protects skirting boards, mouldings, switches and sockets
    • Provides resistance against paint bleed-through
    • Clean peel tape leaves no adhesive residue or marks after removal
    • Low-tack easy peel, leaves no residue
    • Best masking tape for indoor or outdoor use

    Sand Paper Pack:

    In each pack you will receive 3 sheets of Aluminium Oxide Sand paper measuring 115mm x 500mm approx. of 80 (coarse) grit, 120 (medium) grit and 240 (fine) grit. All you need to prepare your painting project.

    Mini Paint Roller Set:

    In each mini paint roller set you will receive the following 1 x 4" frame, 2 x 4" emulsion & 2 x 4" gloss roller sleeves, and 1 x 4" mini roller tray. A fabulous little set to use for all your furniture painting projects.